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Thread: coolermaster aero series

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    has anyone heard anything about this non conventional Fan line?

    Just curious... :D
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    I have used a few of those and I find them to be a better design than a conventional fan. They are also very quiet, just dont stick your finger in it cus its gonna hurt.

    With a conventional fan, they is a "dead" sport in the cooling, the centre of the fan, the part that is located directly above the CPU core. They come in an 80mm size and are much taller than normal.

    I've been looking for a socket 478 cooling solution on which to mount this loverly fan, but have yet to fond one that is actually available at a reasonale price in the Canadian Market. They are also pretty fancy lookin.:thumb:

    They are great solution that can be mounted on many SocketA/370 sinks such as the thermaltake Volcano 9 and 7. I'm contemplating replacing that combo for my Volcano 7+ as the 7+ is not so quiet. I have yet to see a test on how well it cools in this fashion and may have to experiment myself, just need to bring it home.

    I have also heard to it refered to as a "Squirrel Cage"

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    I've read a review on these a little time ago. They seemed to provide a slightly better cooling solution then most convential fans. I seem to remember that it wasn't much though. However, they look the Bees Knees though :thumb:

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