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Thread: Bad case airflow.

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    Quick bit of history. I had a cpu, AMD 2200, that crapped out on me for no apparent reason. It wasn't hot at all, rarely got above 40. I got a new cpu, AMD 2100, and installed it with the thermal compound that came with it, and didn't know to clean off the old thermal compound. It was usually above 50 idle and I finally got around to cleaning it off and buying Artic Silver 3 when EQ started locking up. Now the temp is down at 46 with the side on and 41 with the side off.

    I assume it has something to do with airflow, but I don't know how to increase it. I made sure the cables were tucked away this time, but maybe I should invest in rounded cables?
    I have the Lian Li aluminum case reviewed here because it looked cool. The front intake is very small. I drilled some holes where the fans are, but I'm assuming the blue window cover still blocks air.

    What can I do?
    Buy a new side panel with a fan in it?

    justin k
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bithmus
    didn't know to clean off the old thermal compound.

    maybe I should invest in rounded cables?

    Buy a new side panel with a fan in it?
    thermal compounds can be cleaned off easily with rubbing alcohol

    rounded cables look nice and can improve air flow in most cases; but if you've done a good job of folding the cables and getting them out of the way then there isn't much need for them as far as air flow goes

    if you've got the proper tools (or can borrow the tools) you can create your own hole for a side-inake fan instead of buying a whole new door

    -to answer your question, a side intake fan should greatly improve air flow and get your cpu down closer to that 41 C you get with the door off

    there are lots of Lian Li cases, can you be a bit more specific as to wich one you have? A quick photo of the inside would be useful if you hava a digicam available :thumb:
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    here's your basic airflow...
    <img src="">

    when I made the switch from regular cables to rounded ones I personally didn't see a difference in my temps, but then I always did a pretty good job in tucking them away.
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