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Thread: is stock cooling that bad?

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    I'm kind of new to the modding and overclocking thing so here's a somewhat stupid question.

    If you choose not to overclock, is that stock Intel HSF okay to stick with? If you DO choose to overclock, is it completely necessary to replace the stock HSF?

    If I do choose to replace it, what is the best option in terms of a balance between cooling and tolerable noise level.


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    Intels stock HSF is good for light to medium oc.

    The Thermaltake Volcano 7+ or Volcano 11 is the way to go if you want to get something better than the stock, but which ever HSF you use don't forget some good thermal compound, Artic Silver for example.

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    AMD's stock HSF's I won't even use on a non-ocverclocked system. :(

    Thermaltake's Spark7+ and Volcano7+ for P4's.

    Thermaltake's Volcano7+ and Volcano 11 for Athlons.

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    generally speaking, stock coolers are OK for normal use, but if you have poor system cooling or you're planning to do some OC, then I highly recomend getting something better

    if you're not wanting to do much overclocking, but are just looking for a better cooler without all the noise...I might recomend one of these:
    which I've heard are not a good as a volcano 7+, but it is a lot quieter I think there is something like a 5 C average difference between them....I've never used one personally, tha't just what I've heard

    if you are planning on OC, then the list of HSF that Wiggo suggested would be the way to go
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    Thanks for the responses, guys.
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