I see that tweaktown has done a review on this heatsink here and I am wondering if any of the users here have actually tried this HSF. I am interested in this for a P4 quiet cooling solution, with a different fan. I am interested in quiet rather than performance. The CPU is allowed to sit around 50C if necessary as my customers only care about quiet, performance is secondary.

Perhaps someone has some insight into some quiet solutions, ie <20db for the HSF. :?:

My intentions are to find a heatsink that will support either a 60 or 80mm fan as the stealth fans by Vantec are quite quiet and can be had in either size and are my fan of choice. We have used these fans on top OEM intel heatsinks for a xeon cooling soluiton and are looking for something similar in the P4. I have had great success in finding HSF's that support a 70mm fan, but unfortunately, my quiet fans are not available in that size.

I already use these fans as case fans and have a quiet PSU that we use. Just need to fix the HSF as it is by far the loudest component in the machines.:mad: