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Thread: Tt Ducting Mod placement

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    Finally got my RAM and a thermaltake Ducting Mod today :D

    but when I was putting the duct in, I was wondering of there was an 'optimal' direction that it should be placed in, or if anyone just has an opinon on the subject

    at the moment it looks like this:

    so it could also be pointed up, down, or to the left. As far as I'm concerned, up or left is out of the I guess I'm just wondering if down might be better :?:

    it does work btw, it took about 2-4 C off my idle temp and about 6 C off my max well as reducing the noice a little
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    The only 2 ways I'd try it is either facin' the front or bottom of the case and see if one gives better results than the other.

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