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Thread: Liquid Cooled Temp Problems.

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    I have a question about my setup. I built my system off a soyo dragon 2 motherboard with a P4 3.2 GHZ cpu. I installed it in a Koolance liquid cooled case and I set everything up and checked everything twice and I still have a problem with temps. The digital readout that displays cpu temp on the case says around 81 degrees. However, the onboard hardware monitor show the cpu to be around 112 F. The temp wire is installed exactly as the instructions say. So why do my temps differ? I have additional fans on the case to help cool the entire system but with this liquid setup I was expecting a more efficient transfer of heat. HELP! [email protected] [B][COLOR=royalblue]

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    the motherboard sensor is located right below the processor so that would be the proper readout. The Koolance setup has the sensor to the side of the processor and has enough room to be cooler than the actual processor. I own the older koolance case and figured this out. Usually my mobo and koolance readouts will be the same at about the 90-92 levels but above that... just trust your mobo readout for now until a bios revision says "Temp. Problem Fixed" or something. You could also stick the probe in other places to get different readouts. Kind of off subject but if you want to know how hot your graphics card is, just place it by the core! Hope that helped!

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