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Thread: OEM intel HSF

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    Nov 2002


    system is

    P4 2.6C @3.33 (255 FSB)
    (2) 256 meg OCZ PC3500
    (2) WD 800JB
    MSi ti4800se
    Enermax PSU, 350watt
    Pioneer DVR-A05
    Lite-on 40x12x48 cd-rw
    1.44" Floppy
    3 Vantec Stealth 80mm fans.

    I removed the OEM intel heatsink from the system and replaced it with that of an OEM P4 3.0C. The 3 gig cpu has a nice copper base to it, fairly large I guess. Prior to the switch, My system was running at 55C on 100% cpu. Sometimes it would creep up to 58C, but rarely. After I made the switch, the system is running at 43C, up to 45C on full load for a full day.

    I must say I am farely impressed with the abilities of the P4 OEM cooler.

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    Yep, Intel does inlcude a decent OEM cooler, while AMD provides that POS that barely cools at stock.

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    It cools pretty well but mine was the single loudest thing i have ever heard in my life. It came with the P4 3.06 that i got a couple months ago. It was killing my ears as well as the neighbors' so I got a Volcano 7+
    Antec 1080AMG with window kit
    P4 3.06 [email protected]
    Volcano 7+
    ASUS P4C800 Deluxe
    ATI Radeon 9700 pro
    1GB Crucial DDR PC-2700
    Creative Audigy 2

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    You'll be fine with one at stock speeds... I have heard someone here by the name of Morgan_Lander overclocked with one too.
    - Damien

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