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Thread: Barton Temps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thoric
    i got a 2500+ (case listed below)

    i get temps (from bios) at around 43c during using AS3 and the HSF that came with the cpu, around 2500 rpm...quieter but a tad hottish for my liking :(
    yeah that about he exact same for me, and im also not feeling to good about its temps when gaming. Ill Probably go wih what Chez said and try out the toher heatsink, but ill wait till tommorow to do so because i just reaplied the AS3 better yesterday. i want to see how that fares out.
    Thanks Guys :cheers: :cheers:
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    Quote Originally Posted by mjmnam
    at load or idle? load is the only temp that really matters
    for me load and idle temps are about 3C apart and thouse are load

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