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Thread: petlier on g/cards?

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    i am opting for a peltier cpu cooler (this one ) and wandered why you dont find, at least not that i know of, peltier cooled graphics cards.

    would it be possible to stick one used for cpu's, like this one

    with a kick ass cooler like this

    and while ur at it, why not cool the mem chips too?

    the idea is to cool my barely-faster-than-a-poisoned-drunk-salted-cutinhalf-snail FX 5200 to get it working hard for once and get it up there amoung the high ranks of the big guns.

    okay, maybe not THAT bad, but still pretty slow - 250/340

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    by the way, i left out the fact that its stock cooling consists of a thin heatsink covering the gpu an mem chips - no fan, which should indicate that the g/card has some room for improvement.

    thanks to all replies!!!

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    normally Zalman products are design to lower noise levels more than temps, i dont recommand getting a peltier, unless you know what you are doing, these things require modding and a big power supply to be fully efficient. BTW this can cost you more than selling your 5200 and buying a new more powerfull card, wathever it is.
    If you are like me and you dont care cauz you just like extreme cooling and overclocking, well go fo a pelt!
    I would say check high quality air cooling, and then water cooling, if that isn't enuph well there are many other (expensives) solutions.
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    Before you make a purchase of that peltier unit, I would recommend that you read this. The results speak for themselves.

    As to the pelt cooled graphics board, you will likely have to make your own pelt setup for it. Just make sure to have a goof HSF planned for the removal of the heat produced on the hot side of the TEC chip.
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