Ok I bought a name brand computer, a dell, now dispite what people have said they're a whole lot better than emachines, 1000% better than compuke(compaq) and even better than gateway*to hell*

Not bad performance plays most games fairly well i.e. jedi knight [email protected] good resolution and detail levels w/o sluggish performance. Now only problem is the cooling was concerning me a bit on the 120 mmfan/ducting mod over the cpu. I wish I had a digicam You'd be rolling on the floor laughing your ass off:rofl:

heres what i did.....Imagine an intel p4 1.8 ghz with a heatsink on it about 4 inches high and has heatsink fins like most hsf combos do but a little more spread out, but with no fan. Instead a ducting mod that conects to a 120 mm fan which is connected to the back of the case for exhuast obiously.....I took the ducting mod off got an old psu fan(80 mm) modded it so it would connect to a standard 4 pin power connection took one screw and connected it horizontaly to the heatsink, which will now blow cool air to the 120 mm fan funny thing is it works like a charm and before I could not touch the heatsink when running and even when I turned the power competely off and let it sit for a while. Even then I still could not touch it, but now I can!!:D

I'm probobaly gona walk in one day and find that my mod will most likely have gona horribly wrong.... but for now my cpu temps are really cool, feels like 76-78 degrees F, maybe a little warmer