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Thread: New life for old fan

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    Ive recently nicked a 80mm fan outta my old 133mhz im afraid it has no lables and I have no idea what make etc it is. Anyway it only has 2 wires - live and gnd however my asus a7v MB dosnt seem to have any sockets for power that I can find because it needs nd, live and rotation or nc. Have any of you attempted this prob before or got any ideas?
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    Get a male molex contector and fit the wires to it (black ground and the live to the yellow wire position) and run it from the PSU. ;)

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    yah resently had the same thing

    heres what you do with out buying any thing

    asuming your monting it in to your system as an exast fan

    cut the ends and expost the end twist wires

    now i have a few empty power cords that go to the HD, cd, ect

    with the power off of corse put the red end in the yellow and the black wire to the black thats right next to it.

    plug it in there good

    turn power on and there you go

    dont worry i currently have 3 extra fans in my case all hooked up that same way and all to one power plug
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