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Thread: cpu runing at 61-75oc

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    good choice :thumb: Radio Shack has a nice one for ~$10 (i think), but you can get a cheap one for about $2-3 lots of places
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    Maybe your HSF is not on properly. Check that too because that has been an issue for some people in the past.
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    Another thing, any ideas how much air your current fan moves? Or what RPM it goes.

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    Hi if you want a good company in the UK I would recommend these guys Aria Technology I've bought all my stuff from these guy's Altough they take there time over doing RMA's Still haven't received my replacement motherboard yet :(

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    its spins at 2900 to 3100rpm but i Have no idea how much air it moves.

    im get the4 stuff to lap it to night hopfully so i'll i'll find out 2 nightif my heatsinks on right.

    thanks for the help guys!:cheers:

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    These guys covered all the bases. Its sounds like you definetely need to lap the heatsink, get some good thermal paste. And your temps should drop considerably. TAKE your time. No hurry. Especially when using a screwdriver or whatever to take the HSF off its mount. It can slip easily if you aren't paying attention and break something on your mobo, or worse, poke a hole through.

    Drenader, as to ESD, it doesn't just disappear after you unplug your computer. Your motherboard has tons of capacitors that sometimes take a while to self dicharge and can cause problems. Its always better to be safe than sorry.

    Wordbiker, that looks like a real nice HSF you are picking up. If I needed one at the time I won that prize I would have gotten it over the TT 11 anyday.
    I did pick up the NEW Zalman side fan for my video card though. It is in the picture I posted of my system in one of the first threads. I am gonna post soooome more when I am finished with it and have all the wires routed properly and stuff. Its the first computer I am excited to show people, not just aestetical, but alsp all he extra stuff, especially time, heart and soul. Besides the money!!


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    Wait til ya see the computer that TT Silent Boost went into Chez :devil win I'll be getting 4 of that same Zalman fans for it tomorrow, and I got the fangrills today. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's taken a good amount of work, research and planning. Oh, and so's utterly silent :D
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