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Thread: temps with thermal paste??

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    i have a p4c 2.4...overclocked to 3.4ghz...with a koolance case, and when i tested the chip and all, i didnt add the thermal paste, and i was seeing temps of about 41c/101F under a decent load (ut2k3 for 3-4hours..) and now im seeing about 95 or less under the same (water temps reported by Koolance case, both times). is this good or bad... after reading the forums i thought it was easy to put on the paste...just smear a drop or so on till the surface is coated...right? well its been about a week and i seen 5-10F temp drops...this normal, high or low...i plan on getting a 2.8p4c just cuz i wana hit 4ghz...if possible...could i drop them Temps with better paste?
    2.4 p4c @3.06 1020mhz fsb
    ASUS P4C800Delux
    CORSAIR ddr500 XMS (3-4-4-8)
    maxtor 120gb w/8meg cache (raid0)
    2x WD Raptors (Raid0)
    2x120Gb Maxtor's
    Ti4200 363/667 mhz
    Water-cooled Koolance case

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    Yep that's pretty close. When ya don't use thermal paste ya'll get air pockets between surfaces and these heat up way beyond norm and can cause instability (it certainly will when overclocked) and possibally damage.

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    i doubt ull get anyway near 4 gigahertz from a 2.8, as the multiplier is way too high. jst ma:2cents:
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