hi, I recently applied some Thermal Adhesive (arctic silver alumina) to my Ti4200 to make sure the heat spreaders touch all of my RAM chips (it was pitiful before, half covered in the termal grease with the heat spreader not even touching some chips due to bending). Now I want to O/c the hell out of it :D . The thing is, I have a Thermaltake D-bracket fan controller controlling the 80mm fan that would bring in cool air to that part of my comp. I usually run in on "low", cause that was enough air for the stock card, even during games. I dont mind switching the fan to "medium" to play games either, because it's not that loud. "High" is its normal full speed, and that is way too loud. So, I want to o/c so that I can run the fan on "low" when I'm in desktop, but switch to "medium" when I'm in games, no higher. Now, what programs can I use to make sure it runs fine on the o/c (at medium), and fine on the desktop with the fan on low. I noticed there is a thermal probe that touched the heat sink right next to the GPU, dunno how good that is tho, or how to get it to work. Anyways, thx for any info, : peace2: Mista K6