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Thread: How to lower temp by 10 degrees without even removing the he

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    I know im gonna be critisized by this but, if you cant get a new heatsink, then DONT

    heres what i have:
    Athlon XP 2400+
    Albatron KT400

    i used to get 50 degrees idle, and i was not satisfied. When i reached 57, i was bout so pissed that i almost took a piss on my pc.


    i find that the stock heatsink is pretty good, but the fan sucks like *&$% it was too weak for me, so i decided to get a little crazy.

    I took out the cpu fan and and replaced it with my case fan (80mm). It doesnt fit and an inch or so hangs out (but this can just help cool your motherboard ; )), and i can only get one screw to hold it but this works. I put the cpu at risk tho cause was rocking the heatsink back and forth, so you might wanna remove the heatsink just to be safe.

    ***NOTE if you had your cpu fan connected to your heatsink than you should disable the cpu fan alarm if it was enabled, or you can just use it as another fan port and use that as your power source.

    ***NOTE if you have a neon case fan like me you will love the results



    Idle 50, Load 55


    Idle 39, load 46 (im not exagerating)

    and if you all knew this then i just made a fool outoff my self, but mabye all the noobs out their can benifiet from my mistake:laugh:
    god i love cheese

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    Someone posted the suggestion of attaching an 8CM case fan to the CPU heatsink by the means of using just a single screw, well this worked and dropped CPU temps quite drastically. Now seeing 41-42 degrees at idle about 5 degrees warmer maxed out with a room temp of 21C. Thanks for the help whoever you were.

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    oops my mistake
    god i love cheese

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    Instead of putting ur CPUs in jeopardy why don't get urselfs a nice 60mm to 80mm fan adapter, it's very cheap and it's better than "one screw" lol
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    RAM: 512 DDR 333mhz
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