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Thread: a few good fans...

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    i just recently went and ought a 90' fan ad a flat fan that fits in to a slot after mounting the fans (atuly duktaping the 90' fan in the 5.25 bay"high tech stuff there lol :) )

    my cpu temp droped from 48 idel to 40

    haent tryed to see what the temps are under full throtle yet though

    the only thing is i wish i could hae mounted that one flat fan were my agp vid card is so it was closer to the cpu

    i would suggest everyone buy a few good fans

    need less to say i threw away the box that that fan came in:)
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    New Computer

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    Windows XP pro 2600 build

    2 new computers exactly the same

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    3x 1394ports
    40x cdrw
    19" moniters
    windows home

    connected with

    linksys etherFast cable / dsl roughter
    model # BEFSR41

    printer/fax/copier connected to computer #1

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    Now that we have you convinced that the added airflow actually helps out, it's time to look into case modding. :)
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    Yes a hole or two goes down well. :lips:

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    Or 4 or 5 holes LOL (i have only 2 lol)
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