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Thread: Water Block Round up 2003(must see)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovereignty
    You could just get a boring ole Whitewater instead. Won't be quite as good as the cascade but it'll still be better than anything else out there.
    Its not that boring.
    Also, because he is cooling a P4, a WW won't be as effective because the main cooling area is a bit bigger than the size of an amd core. The heat spreader on the p4 will hamper its performance.

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    "All good things come to those who wait"
    I will wait for the Cascade in Jan next year. :D

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    I have my Cascade order [too bad I don't wish to spend $100 extra for the SS, .5 C isn't a big dea] And please the liquid ninja's review is known to have problems with the difference in load temps vs. idle temps. Discussed over at overclockers but I can't seem to find it in the few minutes I have. The Cascade CAN be shipped to the US, besides its $90USD for the block and less than $10USD for shipping, but prices change daily. I have talked to Stew [Cathar] about this.

    Now onto the RBX. The difference in temperatures is not related to the nozzle but the difference in mounting.
    for each nozzle type before they can begin to make a judgement on what nozzle is working better, otherwise we get into the situation where someone says that #2 works better than #5 (or whatever), when really all they were seeing was just a mounting variation.
    From the one and only Cathar.
    The one thing man learns from history is that man does not learn from history.

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