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Thread: Ultimate cooling solution!

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    I had my pc oc'd to 2.10 ghz a while back(from 1800) and it would over heat and shut down sometimes.
    So I racked my brain tryin to figure out how to make it run cooler, with no budget:p here's what i came up with, I took a side panel and pointed a HOUSE FAN square at the mobo! I know its ghetto, but it works! my idle temp went from 120 to 104! I thought i wonder how much more i can push this thing....
    2.26ghz:) with my mutilpier at 16 and fsb at 141. and it still runs at 102 to 104 degrees at idle!

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    that is actually what we often recommend to check for decent case airflow. But your idel temps are not what you need to worry about, your max is what you need to keep an eye on. so tell us what those temps are (in C this time please, this is an international forum after all :) )
    I've gone too far and need to move on!

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    I heard someone say they ran a duct from a central air vent to the side of their computer case . I wish I could have seen it.:laugh:

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