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Thread: its always 29c!! Is that rite??

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    I got my new case and the temp is 29c . I was like awsome (was 56c from my old case) then i kepted checking it every 10 min it was 29c...i played a 2 hr game pf bf1942 checked the temp 29c. Im just wondering if the case is really good on cooling or did i mess up my temp reader when i was movving every thing from the other case?I have 4 80mm intake fans in the front 2 80mm outtake fans in the back and 1 120mm intake fan on the agp slot(near my teampater reader) and then about 3 fans blowing inside my case.

    ill check bak to tell if my temp is moving.

    ohh ya specs. P4P800
    geforce FX 5900
    1 gig pc3200
    420 psu
    2.4 P4

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    Nice specs ;)
    So you have

    4x80mm intake
    1x120mm intake
    2x80mm exhaust

    Sounds a bit unbalanced, wouldnt that give air pressure problems? Or are the fans running different speeds?
    How do you check your temp? Do you have a 3rd party probe? Or are you using the monitor that most mobo's seem to have?
    Cooling n00b.

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    The room temp at the time would be good plus a pic or link to ya case would be better but by the sounds of it ya could do better as ya have far more air goin' in than out (5cfm more in than out is ideal).

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    acually i have 3 outtake cuz the psu has a 80mm fan blowing air out from inside the case. and after many hrs of fooling around with my case the temp finaly went down to 27c then its staying at a stedy i dont no wat i did but i did sum thing to fix it.

    and i dont have a digital cam so i cant give u a pic.And i have two teamp readers 1 on my mobo that i put on myself and a stock 1 on my geforce 5900 and that is reading 39c.

    My room temp is very cold becuz i have all the windows open and its -18c outside(i live in northern canada) and 10c see if that would help

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    I'm willing to bet the EXTREMELY low ambient is the reason why your case is so cool; 10c air flowing in and out would certainly chill things down. :D
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