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Thread: fans info

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    If i buy a Coolermaster Aero 7 Lite will i need extra fans? im really unsure about if theres a possibility of addidng extra fans i.e on asus a7nx or abit mobos.

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    Extra fans where? Extra case fans will always help. Theres no real point in having a performance HSF when the case it full of hot air. Extra case fans will bring in cool air for the HSF to use.

    Not to mention keep your other components cooler, like your all video card.

    The case fans should be connected straight to the power supply via a molex connector, not to the mobo.

    If you mean for the aero, I am not familiar with this new type of HSF, but a quick check on the coolermaster website should help ya out. For some reason the site wasnt working for me. I would say, most combos come with the fan.

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