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Thread: What temp [merged threads]

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    About what temp should I have the alarm set to? There don't seem to be any guidelines for this. I have it set to 56C and it goes off when running benchmarks. Is it OK to have it set to 60C?

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    After getting the OC dialed in as best I could I ran Prime95. After a llittle more tweaking to get rid if errors I let it run for a while and the temperatures started rising above 56C. I pulled it out from under the desk and took the side cover off and temps dropped 10C. I think I need a case fan...:wow:

    The case I have is a cheapy "mom 'n pop chinese computer store" type, but it does have grills in the front and back and where an intake and exhaust fan can be added. Is this a standard size that many generic cases have, and if so what size fan would fit in there? The round grill area is about 80mm across with 4 holes for screws..:shrug:

    Would this be for an 80mm fan? It's about the same size as the one in my Arrow 500W PSU.

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    Firstly full hardware details would help and secondly a pic of the case would help even more plus thirdly a room temp durin' these full load temps would help even more than that but if the CPU temp drops that much with the side off then ya do have a case airflow prob though us knownin' exactly what the case is (refer back to 2nd part). A front intake fan would help a lot (remember that the PSU already exhausts hot air) but if ya add an exhaust fan to the back then ya likely goin' to have to add a side AGP/PCI intake fan to keep the airflow balanced.

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    this is the info i receive from asusprobe

    CPU=34C=full load
    MB=25C=full load
    cpu fan peaks 6490rpm
    powerfan dual enermax 465watt peaks at 2311rpm
    chasis fan peaks 1906rpm
    + 12V =12.608
    + 5V = peak 4.972
    + 3.3V =3.376
    Vcore =1.808
    i think i will reformat HDD see if corrects the mem wiggo.
    i took out the 400ddr and put the more realistic 2700 infineon in. single channel. my post with the bios settings are in the overclock index. if you could take a look i would appreciate it. to try an help me sus a stable 133bus first. i tried looking into this mem.
    I know that it is unbuffered 512ddr, however all the settings are indexed into an annoying PDF file. the settings don't look clear.
    Infineon Technologies
    Thanks folks!!:)
    Lian LI PC60
    (2 intake 80mm ADDA/3
    exhaust 80mm ADDA)
    EG465P-VE Enermax Dual fan PSU 465watt
    Asus A7N8X Dx ver2.0 C1007 latest bios
    AthlonXp 3200+ Barton
    Xms Corsair 3700PT TwinX paired [email protected]
    200mhz X 11.0 = 2.205GIG
    creative audigy 2
    Asus V8460 U Ti 4600 Dx
    CPU full load 28C
    Case full load 24C
    Western D HDD 120gb
    XP Professional current best- crap
    11682 marks=xp best performance settings @ 2500+ 166mhz x 11.0X = 1.83GIG

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