Iím new to liquid cooling however i spent a fair amount of time trying to research the best kit to fit my requirements. in the end i purchased a Swiftech 8501 with a second radiator (MCR80-F1 radiator x 2). i was planning to install the radiators side by side in the back panel (above the i/o back plate) in my Lian Li PC61 case.

Upon getting the system home i realized that although there is room for a second 80mm fan beside the existing one (with the aid of a drill and a dremel), the radiator is slightly larger than the space available. those familiar with Lian Li PC60 series know there is a top mounted 80mm fan so I mounted the other radiator there. with both radiators & fans installed my question is this;

-is it ok to install the fan in such a config (approx 15cm from each other -1st located above the i/o panel below the PSU and the 2nd mounted in the top of the case in front of the PSU)?
-also because the swiftech kit doesnít have a reservoir, just the fill & bleed kit, is it ok to have the second radiator (the one mounted in the top 80mm fan opening) level with the fill and bleed kit?
-lastly i read that (in regard to tube routing) its better to have the pump behind the water block(s), not in front like the method outlined in Swiftech's manual. which method is better or is there no difference?