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Thread: Upside down PSU overheating

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    Ok i got the Dremel tool yesterday from my dad. What tools should i be using to cut the metal behind the 60mm fan, and the holes, etc...

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    The Dremel should do a fine job with a cutoff wheel and sanding barrel or grinder. I usually use a nibbler, but most folks seem to hate the darn thing for some reason. I like it because it doesn't produce the fine dust that a grinding tool would, although you do have to finish your cuts off with a file and/or emery paper (cloth-backed sandpaper made for metal). In soft metal like aluminum, the nibbler is easy to use. (One tip for the nibbler: put a piece of duct tape on the face of it and it won't even scratch the surface of what you're cutting) A little bit of dust is unavoidable, though you can minimize that by wet-sanding. Obviously ANY of this is best done with ALL the electronic parts removed from the case. Your best tool of all is planning. I make paper templates of what shape cut I want, test it with the fans/devices and on the case itself. Transfer your cutout onto the case with a fine tip permanent marker, then center punch any holes you need to drill to prevent the drillbit from "wandering". Also, start with a smaller drillbit and work your way up to the size that you will finish with. Once you're done with all that grinding and sanding, the best way to get rid of dust is to wash it out with water. The particles are metal, and can cause serious damage if they drift onto a PCB and short something out....another good reason to remove all your components. Good luck with your mods! :cheers:
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    4 hours, lots of sweat and blood, tons of those little metal shavings, and im finally finished. Right now im doing a test run to find out how much of a temperature difference it made.

    So far, after about 20 minutes being on, my computer is running at,

    Sys Temp - 29 degrees
    CPU Temp - 35 degrees

    Thats a pretty big difference from before considering they were both around 40+

    I will post pictures as soon as i get my hands on a digital camera.

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    Finished Cutting and reassembling

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    Heres a closeup of the PSU. The top left screw was a toughy since the aluminum was doubled up i had to use a cylinder grinding stone to sortof carve a hole where the screw would fit. It sits a little crooked since its right on the corner of the metal but it holds ok.

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    And a close up of the fan, of which i almost lost a finger as you can see on the lower left hand corner. The dremel got away from me for a second and it zinged the case but it was ok. It ended up looking nice though other than that. I need to get a fan grill.

    Pretty good i must say for my first encounters with a dremel.

    Just as a warning, be careful with the cutoff wheels.. i was using one when i started and about ten seconds of cutting and the thing shattered and shot pieces of brown stuff all over the place. Thats when i switched to a saw blade and that worked much nicer.

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    Don't waste your time with grilles on the back of the computer.
    The reinforced cutoff wheels don't do that and can usually cut 3 92mm holes before getting too small. Did you cut the front fan stamped grille as well?
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    Actually i figured i could leave the front fan alone, the hole seemed wide enough to pull enough air into the case, also there were a lot of wires sticking around in the front bezel so i removed a bunch of the ones i wasnt using but still decided not to cut.

    I think it should be sufficient enough to suck some air into the case. Maybe i will do it in the future but for now ill leave it alone.

    Im really happy with the 10 degree change. Things seem to run much more stable and now i can play FFXI without worrying if im overheating the thing too much, lol.

    : peace2:

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