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Thread: A64 Cooling with thermal paste advice

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    Hello everyone,

    Just purchased a Shuttle SN85G4 with a A64 3000+ and built it in a few hours last night.
    After reading various comments on this web site I am now beginning to believe I applied the packaged thermal paste incorrectly. Shuttle says that you should spread it evenly over the CPU die and after a few minutes persevering with this I did. However I am now under the impression that I should have just put a small blob onto the die and then attached the heatsink. I have not turned it on yet but what sort of operating temps should I expect if I applied it ok?

    What’s the best paste to get if it starts to run too hot and I need to change the compound? Any tips / advice should this happen?

    Thank you in advance for your comments.


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    just don't get the ocz or compusa stuff - despite their claims, there is apparently no silver in them.

    looks like ocz is now offering a free t-shirt, a $10 rebate and a new tube of arctic silver for returned tubes of ocz thermal compound.

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