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Thread: Location of rads...

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    I want to run a block on my cpu, nb, and gpu. I know this will make the water warm fast so I plan to put a second rad after the cpu and before the nb and gpu. I was wondering if putting a second small rad at the top of the case was ok. I know that the hot air rises so I was wondering if putting a rad at the top with fans sucking in from the top was worth it.

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    Well if you were gonna do what you're saying, youd want the fan at the top with the rad to be an exhaust, blowing out, not in.

    Ive heard numerous times though that to cool all 3 parts its easier to make 2 different setups and run it off one reservoir. Youd have to have a pretty strong pump to run water through 2 rads and 3 water blocks. Id just have 1 reservoir, and then a rad and pump for the cpu block, and another rad and pump for the nb and vga. The VGA + CPU alone is probably enough to start hurting performance on one rad.

    But take into consideration I have done nothing of my own with watercooling, and this is all 2nd hand info. Albeit its from good sources though. If you have the cash, Id get another pump.

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