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Thread: Block on cpu, nb, and gpu question.

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    I know if I run water with blocks on all three chips, the water will get too hot. I was thinking of running the cpu and nb on one system with a Hydor L30 pump and another system on just the gpu with a L20 pump. Does this see wise to all of you? The L20 only pushes like 160 gph, is that enough for just the gpu? Should I run the cpu by itself with the other chips sharing the same system? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    The water doesn't get very warm, perhaps 1-2 degrees in the complete system. A good rad can take care of that.
    I would try to use a WW design CPU block. It has 1 inlet and 2 outlets. Than you can connect 1 outlet to the GPU and 1 to the NB. The L30 should be powerfull enough, just use blocks which don't restrict flow very much. Or you could use an Eheim 1250, which is definitely strong enough. In combination with a good 120mm rad (or 2x 120mm) it should provice enough cooling.
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    I use a Hydor L30 and it does a fine job, silent as well. It would be fine for your setup, also its about as strong as an Eheim 1250

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