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Thread: laptop laughing

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    I am a college student so I am currently using a laptop for all my computer needs. It is a dell 5150 with a mobile p4 (3.06 HT) 533fsb, a gig of PC2700, 64mb M9. There is only one fan (CPU) and I am wondering how to get this laptop to run cooler. The computer idles at about 43c, room is 65c, under load (games) the CPU temp goes to the 62c-64c range. The fans go wild alot and noise does not bother me. I am using fan control software which brought temps down from 55c/70c to 43/64c. I am wondering if a cooling pad would help, or if I got better thermal paste on the heatink temps would lower? I really don't know what temps this CPU should run so what would you suggest? I have checked and other dell 5150s run at these temps or hotter also.:blah: :mad:

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    People try to improve the cooling on their desktops to achieve higher oc and stability etc but why bother on a laptop if you ain't got problems..:?:

    Btw ya sure it isn't a typo there, 65c in ya room..!? :eek:

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    There's a review on an Antec notebook cooler here, but tested on a Dell, they recorded no difference in the internal temps. From what I've seen, pretty much all notebook coolers are designed similarly, cooling from the bottom with just a couple fans. Unless your particular notebook has an intake on the bottom, all it will cool is the shell. The Tweaker has a good point: If all Dells run the same temps, and you're not having any problems, cracking it open and voiding the warranty, plus risking some damage probably isn't worth the couple of degrees you'd lower it by with some higher quality TIM. Some of the laptop coolers do add some utility, in that they can put your lappy at a more ergonomic angle, or provide some airflow to keep your hands cool, but other than that, I haven't seen any that are confirmed to improve cooling in any signifigant way. Sorry man. : peace2:
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    If Dell sent it to you, and you didnt tweak any hardware... then you dont add any cooling to it. They dont send hardware that will overheat and crash.:cheers:
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    i have to agree, dont touch that thing!!! its a perfectly good (and sounds expensive) box, erm book, w/e its designed to last cooling it 1-3 degrees wont benifit you at all (unless your legs are burning from the heat)
    good luck:thumb: : peace2:
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    if you plan to beat the crap out of your laptop (like I do) there is only one thing you can do. get a good warrenty.

    there isn't much you can do to prevent overheating unless you dont you it hard...but what else did you pay all that money for? :)

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