Ok, I been playing around with my old system...

P4 2.66B
512x1 PC-2700
Radeon 9600 XT

...And I was playing FlashPoint and all of a sudden.. whole system just crashed. At the time CPU was reading 52c. Mobo autimatically rebooted and I went into game again to see of it was gonna crash. Didnt..but no sound. So i get out of game and go into rhapsody..and then it crashed, at about the same tempature. Any ideas?

Got the retail CPU cooling and only 2 csae fans; intake on side, and exhaust on back(no vents in front):cheers:

EDIT: Nvm, It happend again and I looked at the reported the error to microsoft and it said it was a driver error. I was happening to be using ajoystick..which i didnt install the driver on. Installed the driver and everything is working fine.:cheers: