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Thread: Best way to monitor temps?

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    I'm building a P4 3.2 on a P4C800-e deluxe with a ASUS 9800xt and plan on 2 Raptor WD740GD in raid 0 all in a ANTEC Performance PLUSVIEW case.

    I read that a Raptor runs at 22.7 degrees Celsius over ambient room temperature from

    So I think I'd like to have a temp monitor board with a few probes for the Hard Drives and CPU. What else would need a probe and what is a good unit?

    Wont this be a little hot on the other components? Should I be doing something about cooling things down? I've been looking toward a quite machine but I would rather it run cool.

    My Antec PSU will control speed on case fans and so will the Mother board. Is it wise to let either of these control the fans? I leave my PC on 24 hours.


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    Those antec cases allow up to 5 80mm fans to be installed. While this isnt one of the quietest fan configurations, its one of the coolest. I think your best bet would be to install all the fans, but to buy the rheobus, as Wiggo said, and then turn them down. I've never been a fan of using the fan connectors on PSU's, but the rheobus has 8 channels and should be more than enough to cover all of your fans. : peace2: Mista K6
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    That Digital Doc 5+ is quite a unit. Thanks guys, I've been looking all over for something that would monitor temps and control fans/noise. After reading I feel kind of foolish but I already bought the Raptors so I guess now that point is mute. :rolleyes: But I wonder if this isn't a bit much?

    So I've got the big case, Hard drives and I'm working on sleeving my Antec 550 without voiding the warranty, so who makes nice fans?

    I think I owe everyone here and at Sharkys a round of beers after this thing plays it's first game of Quake 3.

    Thanks again

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