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Thread: Overclocking temps, and case cleaning

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    I'm sure a few of you will bite my head off for this =) But what is the cons with using a vacum cleaner to clean the computer? I never understood that. My mom has an attachment to clean her sewing machines, so I've always just done that to clean my computer. I clean it about every 4 months, and have never run into a problem. Is there something I don't know?

    Also, just found out my processor is unlocked, and that I can overclock it. Never done this before, so I will be trying it out. Right now, I'm using a Antec p160 case, and I get a temperture of 32C while running games, like Unreal 2004. If I overclock, what should be the temperature I should aim for? I have a 2.5 Athlon 2000 htz, Gforce 4 4600, 512 3200 ddr 400 Mhtz corsair ram Running win xp. Any help would be great =) I'm new to this forum, and Tweak town. Really enjoy reading all these posts here =)


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    Welcome to the Forums :smokin:

    Well, I wouldnt recommend cleaning the inside of your comp with a vacum, as the static electricity it creates can screw up your parts. For the outside, use a damp clothe, its safer and works better.

    Load temps of 32C are very good. As long as your temps stay <50C you're fine. I take it you have an Athlon 2500+? Those Barton core processors are very good over clockers, especially with PC3200 RAM. You should be able to pump the FSB up to 200MHz (from its stock 166) and leave the multiplier alone. If you want to push it a little further, change the multiplier to 11.5 (from stock 11). When you overclock make sure you up the CPU voltage 0.1v to start with, the CPU will need the extra juice when its o/c'd. You might want to up the DIMM voltage too (maybe to 2.7). What kind of Power supply do you have an what's its rating? You'll want to make sure oyu ahve a good one before trying to overclock. Also, are you using the stock Athlon heatsink/fan? Those arent great for overclocking applications, you might want to invest in a thermaltake7+ and some arctic 5 thermal grease. Anyways, glad your going to take a crack at it. : peace2: Mista K6
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    the only time i use a vacuum cleaner is when i have tons of dust bunnies at the bottom of the case, and on the outsdie indentation/flaps on my case....but dont use it near the mobo and such....

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