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Thread: airflow questions

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    before the questions start, here's a pic the beautiful specimen you shall all be helping me out with today.

    nice case? bad case? whatever your thoughts, that's not what concerns me.

    you see, behind the bottom of the front bezel is a 120mm fan. great for cooling? sure. but, take a closer look. "where's the air gonna come from" i hear you ask. well that's my problem.

    i'm about to cut some holes in the side of the bezel so the fan can actually suck some air through it, but i wanna know just how many/big the holes should be in order to provide the 92cfm it should be sucking through. I figure it's gonna need more than a couple small drill holes, but there must be an upper limit somewhere.

    secondly, i've also got your basic foam mesh air filters on an 80mm intake and there should be one going on the 120mm too. so in terms of cfm, anyone know how much it takes away from the performance, say blocking 20cfm from a 50cfm fan or something. hopefully it's less.

    thanks for helping.
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    but i wanna know just how many/big the holes should be in order to provide the 92cfm it should be sucking through.
    92cfm?!!?!?! that thing must be loud at full speed!!! since the pic isnt showing up, i will assume there probably a vent on the underside of the front panel....thats where the air would come from....

    it depends on the thickness and density of the foam...

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