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Thread: Daisy-Chaining Fans together

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    Quick newbie question: The 2 fans built into the back of my case have both a male and a female power connector. If I daisy chain them together will that split the power between them? One other question, my PSU has "fan-only" connectors that only have 2 little pins inside of the four pin plastic thingy, can I connect a regular power supply thing to a fan?

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    no, it wont split the load, they will both run fine....

    thats gotta be whats its for....power is power!!!!

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    1- Yes, you can daisy chain fans together and they will work at their full normal potential unless you attach some sort of rheostat to decrease voltage levels.

    2- No, you won't want to hook up anything to those "FAN ONLY" leads, not even fans in my opinion. Those leads are hooked up to a thermal probe usually within the PSU itself and decrease voltage levels if the temperatures are cool enough. See a problem if you hook it up to, say, a hard drive? (I take it you have an Antec PSU?)
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