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Thread: Heatsink and Fan

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    Since I've not been able to narrow this down at all, I figured I'd start a new thread on it. I'm getting a new heatstink and fan, and was told that the best heatstink is the Thermaltake SP97 (review: If so, what kind of fan should go along with it? Something with a variable speed control?

    But then again, I see others that are insisting on the Volcano 7+. But why the 7+, and not the 12? Is it because of money? Is the 12 inferior to the 7+? In that reveiew, it seems that the SP97 completely smokes the Volcano 12. So gimme your feedback on this topic that seems to be a bit hazy for me.

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    Price tag maybe?

    The SP97 retails at about $100 doesn't it? Plus, you have to fork out $20-$30 for a good fan. Thats a pretty hefty fee for CPU cooling.

    The Volcano 7+ and 12 are good fans, but from memory the 12 had a few problems that needed ironing out, thats why alot of ppl suggest the 7+.
    Its cheap, good cooling, and looks pretty sweet.

    But, if you've got the money to throw around, go compare the specs and chose the best one....
    This site should help - It reviews hardware on performance alone, not price etc.
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    The V7+ and V12 are both good with the V12 being the better of the two but at a cost.

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