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Thread: panaflo's or tornadoes w/ fancontroller

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    I am plannin on either gettin a coolermaster wavemaster or praetorian. I was wonderin wut would be better for cfm and quietness if I got a fan controller and lowered the vantec tornados down or if i got the panaflos. Would i also be able to overclock some by gettin the panaflos, or would the temps already be pretty high?

    also...wut is considered quiet for fans? im not goin to make my computer super silent, but silent enough to be able to overclock my cpu a bit. the panaflo M1's have 28 db and 32 cfm while the L1's have 21 db and 24 cfm..but do you think the L1's push too lil air?

    Thanks for all replies.

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    for a 80mm fan thats ok, but if those are 120 that's way too little
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    I dunno about your preferences, but fans that run anything less then 25 dBs are pretty damn quiet I think.

    I have a couple panaflos that run at like 21 dBs and you can hardly hear them...

    You wouldn't get silent with aircooling unless you start comprimising how well you actually cool the system...

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