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Thread: Help for a first time builder

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    I am new to this forum and want to start by saying hello. Also I need some help to understand what I am seeing.

    I just bought my first home built PC and am trying to understand what I see. The machine is stock (not overclocked in any way).

    This is my system....

    ASUS P4C800 Dlx
    P4 3.0/800 (512k cache) (Using stock Intel heatsink and fan)
    Corsair Twinx1024-3200C2PT (Dual Channel Mode)
    X Dreamer II case 350 watt PS (side fan intake, top fan exhaust, rear fan exhaust)

    Idle temp after 4 days of breakin CPU=27C MB=28C Case=32C Room Temp=24C

    The first day or so it ran a little hot when under load CPU=44C, MB= 37C and Case=44C. After 2 days and adding the rear exhaust fan mentioned above(didnt come with case) I now run CPU=41C MB=31C and Case=34C under same load as before.

    Is this normal to have the temperature drop after a break in period or is this all due to the addition of the rear exhaust fan?

    Also I tried setting the Bios up for the 3 2 2 6 that the memory manufacturer said it should be at, but it started locking up under load, I put it back into Auto and it was ok. Is there something wrong with this? Maybe I am not doing something right.

    Any tips and advice would be appreciated. The system is working well and the temperatures seem more than reasonable from what I have read. But I would like to get it tuned up and not let the Bios auto settings control everything.


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    Hi Barry and welcome to TweakTown.

    Your change in temperature will be more the cause of the added fan. Case airflow is critical when it comes to internal temperatures. While products like Arctic Silver do take a few days to reach their best consistency, the temperature changes are not that drastic.

    As to the memory issue, you might try doing some research about the BIOS settings all around. You're probably suffering from a small conflict somewhere that is causing the crash under load. You can try to verify this by checking out the error logs created after a system crash in Windows and see if it gives a memory type error. I usually recommend the BIOS optimization guides over at Rojak Pot for this line of study.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the response. I did not find any listing of any errors in the event viewer. This is the only place in winxp that I found any logging that I could actually read.

    I did some experimentation with the fan I added. I figured since the upper fan and PS fan were in exhaust mode and the side fan was in intake mode I flipped the new rear fan over to make it an intake fan. This way I had 2 fans in and 2 fans out.

    This was not so good, all the temps went up a few deg C so i reverted back to what I had, I got allot to learn about this stuff.

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    Typically cool air should enter the case low at the front and the side and hot air exhausted at the back and/or top (heat naturally rises so you make use of that).

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