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Thread: Cpu Temp 68 C Please Help

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    Default Cpu Temp 68 C Please Help

    Here is my setup

    intel px865pe/pro
    p4 2.4a
    120 wdhd
    256 ram
    stealth s60 video card

    I recently put this pc together and havent even installed the O/S yet when i notice that while setting BIOS my cpu temp reads a constant 68c and my system temp reads 48c(thats withe the side cover off) I have two 80mm fans one in the front and back. Applied some thermal grease(not AS 5) and the temp is still the same. I also tried tying back some cables and no improvment. WHAT SHOULD I DO PLEASE HELP

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    Default Re: Cpu Temp 68 C Please Help

    The first thing to do is to double and triple check the heatsink installation. Even the stock Intel cooler isn't that bad and with the side panels off, the fans become moot since they're not doing anything for you. If you're positive the sink is mounted properly, then invest in a small (and cheap) thermal probe and take readings from that as the probes on the mainboard may be way off.

    Oh, and make sure the fan is set to blow down onto the heatsink and not the other way around.
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    Default Re: Cpu Temp 68 C Please Help

    well I just checked to see if i installed the H/S correctly and everything looks fine and the fan is facing in the right direction....i havent put the H/S back on the cpu yet...I was thinking of buying some artic silver 5 and appyling that on the cpu before I fire it back up and hopefully that will do the trick....can anyone suggest anything else that i should do if that doesnt work?

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