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Thread: p4 3.2E with water cooling; temp = 62c

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    Default Re: p4 3.2E with water cooling; temp = 62c

    HI all I have a P4 3.2E Presscott clocked to 3.52GHz running an AeroCool HT-101jr heatsink/fan using Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste and my system idles at 41/42C and under load runs at 56/57C. I've tried maxing my systems load and havent managed to do it yet lol. Your system def sounds like it's running a bit hot. You might try setting your case fans to blow in with no exhaust fan, when I turned mine around from exhaust to blowing in the temp dropped 5C!!!

    The Thermal Spec for one of these chips is 73C btw as your processor approaches this temp it will start to throttle to protect itself (i have read reports of people running at 80!!!) and my mobo's default alarm is 72C (I have dropped it to 65 for no other reason that it still gives me plenty of scope to safely overclock it even more) so I wouldn't worry too much about 62C.

    My system runs cool because I have left a space above and below each of my HD's and I have my case fans blowing in. If anyone wants to see a photo of my case PM me and I'll mail one.

    I have two standard case cooling fans both of which blow INTO my case I dont have any exhaust fans.

    My system is

    Asus P4P800 Deluxe Mobo
    Jeantech 420W PSU
    Cheap case from ebuyer (18)
    Intel P4 3.2E Presscott @ 3.52GHz
    Gainward 6800GT Golden Sample (overclocked)
    SB Live!
    Hauppauge TV Tuner (Nova-T)
    1GB Ram DDR 400MHz (cheap stuff from PC World)
    1x 80GB Maxtor IDE
    1x 250GB Maxtor SATA
    1x NEC2500A DVD RW
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