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Thread: Hot Processor

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    My processor is an Athlon XP 2600+ (Throughbred) with Abit AN7 mobo and 512 ram . The problem is the temp. The mobo shows around 60 deg. Room temp is around 30 deg. Isn't it too hot?? I dont know if my mobos thermometer is working or not. But it beeps when it goes over 60. The processor is not overclocked. And I am using stock coller with some thermal paste. What should I do???

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    Moving to Cooling forum...

    You talk about the processor but say nothing about the case. While 30C is very hot for a room where you operate computers, the +30C over ambient indicates you may need to look into either good case airflow or alternative cooling methods. Water would be ideal in your case since the goal of water is to be relatively close to ambient. Other choices would be peltier cooling (often combined with water) or phase change if you can afford these monsters.
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    Cool your room off, and take the side panel of your case off, and see how the temps are then. Also in my experience, the stock amd coolers arn't the best. but they do get the job done.

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    Usually most CPUs run at around 10-20 degrees above room temperature (with air cooling). An Athlon 2600+ shouldn't need anything more than air cooling, especially as it isn't overclocked, and peltier cooling seems a bit excessive.

    Try checking if there's anything blocking your case's air intakes or the CPU fan's intake. The heatsink on your CPU could also be clogged with dust, which would affect the CPU temperature.

    If the problem still persists, you could check to see whether the thermal paste has been applied properly, or if there's too thermal paste.

    If that doesn't fix it, add a case fan or upgrade your CPU cooler.

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