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Thread: another fan question

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    Default another fan question

    Hello all,
    I am about to build my first comp. because my Gateway isn't fun anymore, and I thought I'd give assembly a try. I have all the parts sitting here, but I have a few questions about cooling before I put it together so I don't fry anything, and I'm not interested in watercooling yet.

    Here's my parts list:
    Aspire x-gear case
    Asus P4P800 w/Intel 865pe chipset
    Intel 2.8ghz P4 800mhz FSB, 1MB L2 cache, HT, Prescott
    1GB Corsair XMS PC-3200 to run in dual channel
    2 80GB 7200 SATA drives to be run in RAID 0
    Sony 3.5
    Pioneer DVD rw+/rw-
    Asus 52x cd rom
    ATI 9800 pro ( will be a Geforce 6800GT)
    Antec True 350w 2 fan (thinking this should be a 430w)

    Vantec Nexus fan controller
    6 Vantec 80mm Stealth case fans
    Swiftech MCX478-v with a Vantec 92mm Stealth
    Swiftech MCX159-r for the chipset
    Arctic Silver 5

    O.K. now, my case has 2 front intakes, 2 rear exhausts, 1 top exhaust and 1 side panel ?. The ? is because I can't decide whether to use that as an intake or exhaust. As an intake, it would blow on the mobo, but I think it would be blowing the heat back onto it from my heatsink fans. an exhaust would it take away from the lower front to upper rear flow pattern, keeping my case a little hotter then it could be? Also, would the 430w power supply be that much better then the 350w I currently have? Any help will be greatly appreciated, as you are essentially helping me evade the trial and error approach and since this is my first build, I'm hoping for a clean, problem free first boot.

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    Default Re: another fan question

    With all those fans plus a Prescott the 430W PSU would be a much better option and the side fan should be an intake fan.

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    Default Re: another fan question

    Thank you Wayout. I was just browsing and read that the heatsink fans blow onto the heatsink and not away from it as I had thought. That makes the side intake sound more reasonable now. I was also reading the Swiftech 6800 review and am definitely considering H2O for the near future, but not until I have the new vid card.

    Now I can start putting my comp together.

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