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Thread: HSF Suggestion

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    Default HSF Suggestion

    I just got an Athlon XP 1700 (palamino core). Anyway, this thing is hot with the stock heat sink. I just put a blow-hole in the case it's in and it didn't help much. I've researched and found that it is natually hot, though it's a pain when I play NFS:U for 30 min and it stops (more then once).

    The idle temp is 36C/case and 59C/cpu (room temp is 27C). After 20 minutes of prime95, the case was 41C/case (39C/case after cutting the hole) and 71C/cpu. The mobo (Ali) can only let me get up to a max of 75/cpu before it will shut down.

    Got any suggestions? I didn't have the proper tools to cut the case (I can sit on this thing and it won't wobble or anything), so I just drilled several hole where I put the fan (between the psu and cd-rom) and now it sounds like a vaccum cleaner. I need to take my case into metal shop and borrow a hole-saw...

    Plus, the power supply is old (only a 200w from CompUSA) and it is expelling massive amounts of heat. I might try another power supply as well...

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    Default Re: HSF Suggestion

    I wouldn't want that thing on a 200W POS PSU...

    Get yourself some Arctic Silver 5 and replace the normal thermal compound with it. You can replace it with a third-party heatsink (I'd recommend something from the Thermaltake Volcano line), but it's almost a waste of money for such an old CPU.

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