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Thread: Athlon 64 cooling

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    Question Athlon 64 cooling

    I'm looking to overclock my system, but I'm not sure what the best air cooler would be. I only have a limited budget, so price is an issue. My system is:

    Athlon 64 3200+
    1GB Corsair 2-2-2-5 PC3200XL (2x512MB)
    256MB ATI 9800 Pro - will be flashed to XT w/ Arctic VGA Silencer
    Twin 160GB SATA HDDs
    450W Silent PSU

    My main question is whether this system is worth overclocking, or whether any of the components are unsuitable. My case is modded, with single 120 mm fans at front and back, and a 92mm side fan in the window. If I overclock, what other cooling should i get?


    PS Cheers to yawgm0th for the response to my Vid card question.

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    Default Re: Athlon 64 cooling

    That's decent cooling. I wouldn't invest anymore into cooling, as it would make more sense to simply upgrade the video card.

    Make sure you overclock your video card, as well. The processor won't make as much difference in many games because it's limited by the video card. After applying Artic Silver 5, the Arctic Cooling VGA silencer, and the flash to XT (make sure you have the necessary core and RAM before doing this), you should be able to overclock it even more (but that's not guaranteed; make sure it at least runs at XT specs). Every MHz core and memory on the card is going to make a difference.

    Also, change the tRAS (the last number) on your RAM timings to 10. It will perform much better at 10.

    Do you actually have a cooler for the Athlon 64, or are you using the stock one that came with it? If the latter is the case, a Thermaltake Venus 12 with some Arctic Silver 5 would be good. That would give you a lot more overclocking room.

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