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Thread: Does any1 know anything bout peltiers?

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    Default Does any1 know anything bout peltiers?

    So I get my $300 peltier in the mail yesterday. I was like "Yes all will bow b4 ME!!!" Then I see that the kit didn't come with any sealing products. Not even duct tape! So what I am wondering is, is there any way to keep a peltier from drowning my puter when I cut the juice? To keep from condensation from forming in the first place?

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    Default Re: Does any1 know anything bout peltiers?

    This page from asetek shows some of the supplemental components for a phase change cooling system. Whie I realize the two cooling methods are totally different, the risk of condensation are the same with both peltier and phase change. It should at least give you some ideas as to what you'll need to protect your processor from the risks of condensation and excess moisture.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Does any1 know anything bout peltiers?

    Just dont kill it like the last one!!!

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    Default Re: Does any1 know anything bout peltiers?

    Yea. If you don't know what you're doing with computers, don't attempt it without research. I would suggest starting off with something a bit simpler than a peltier. Perhaps an aftermarket air cooler. That way you have little-no risk at killing the cpu.

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    Default Re: Does any1 know anything bout peltiers?

    $300 Peltier??? Why is the cost so high?
    We used to sell those for ~25 bux for socket 7 back in the day. With the simple fan/HS combo they used, they did not work very well.

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