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Thread: Water Cooling?

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    Can someone explain to me just exactly how water cooling works? Just today i realized, that i have no idea(my brother asked me about it, and i couldnt answer him).
    Thank You :cool:

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    well...there are lots and LOTS of guides and articles out there on the net, just search "water cooling" in any search engine, eg. google but im pretty sure it goes along the lines of....water is pumped with a small pump from a tank (containing the water) through a pipe to a waterblock that sits on your cpu cooling it with the water then the water goes on a radiator where it is cooled down again (it gets hot when passing the cpu) and back into the tank....and all this usually goes on inside the computer case:p

    i'm pretty sure thats how it works...:confused: :confused: if im wrong, please correct me!
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    that's the basics.
    The idea is to remove (tranfer) the heat from the small surface area of the CPU to the outside of the case, keeps the air in the case much cooler, keeps the die (cpu) at lower, more even temps.
    due to the large surface area of the radiator a slow, quiet fan can be used.

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    More info can be found at ;)

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