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Thread: 2 fans better than 1????

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    Default 2 fans better than 1????

    just a quicky guys!

    would screwing 2 fans together double the airflow?????? as in mounting one fan on the back of the other.
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    Default Re: 2 fans better than 1????

    Probably not, as the first fan would create turbulence that the second fan would have to deal with. There are some posts dealing with two fans like that on a CPU and the general consensus is that it creates more problems than it solves
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    Default Re: 2 fans better than 1????

    Doubtful. At best it would be a miniscule increase but I am no fan expert. Definately not worth the extra noise as well.

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    Default Re: 2 fans better than 1????

    There are some instances where two fans work better than one, but not with the normal fans we see in CPUs, I believe there is even a dual fan CPU cooler which does not work any better than with one fan.

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