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Thread: Help My cpu Fan Has Stopped Working

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    Default Help My cpu Fan Has Stopped Working

    Hi two weeks ago my pc used to be 42c idle and 47c after playing games. The last 2 weeks its been 48 to 50c idle and 56c after playing games and the pc case temp is always 28 to 29c i also noticed the my cpu fan was showing up as 5 figure numbers in the rpm bit. And today off all days being xmas on saturday i booted up my pc and kept my motherboard moniter dashboard up while i was on aol it went upto the 50c and the fan said 37555 rpm i also looked inside the case to make sure cpu fan was working and it was everythink else is working fine on pc anyways i then noticed it had crept upto 54c and my cpu fan rpm had gone to 0 so i looked at fan and it wasnt working so shut down my pc straight away have booted up a couple more times since and everything is working fine except for my cpu fan so i am stuck without my pc till tuesday. i have also checked to make sure it is connected properly and it is connected ok and im having to use my mothers ancient pc for the net till tuesday. I use motherboard monitor 5 by the way. my cpu is a amd athlon xp2400+ (2GIG). And the fan is only a crappy black one that came with the cpu. Anyways i need some guidence in these questions below.
    A: I presume this is only a case off buying a new cpu fan as everything else is working fine it wouldnt be any ofher major probs that i wouldnt know about would it ?
    B:Can u buy cpu fans without having to buy any heatsinks etc and is it also possible to buy a pc case fan to use as a alternative providing i make sure its the same size and screw fitting are the same and as its a amd athlon xp2400+(2gig) does the fan have to be a certain minimum or maximum rps as i ve looked in maplins catalouge and some state the maximum rps. Any suggestions on this would be gratful.

    Can some one please help me as my pc plays a regular part in my life.

    Many thaks paul
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    Default Re: Help My cpu Fan Has Stopped Working

    All CPU cooling fans come with heatsinks, or at least I've never seen one being sold alone and if you're running the standard cooler that came with your computer, it would take longer and involve more work to change just the fan than to put a new fan with heatskink in.

    Coolers are very cheap now compared to a few years back, so just take this opportunity to upgrade. Don't worry too much about max rps, just make sure that the cooler you buy is rated for your current CPU socket and your CPU. In other words, if the cooler you want to buy is rated for your CPU or higher

    The Thermaltake Volcano 8 is rated up to an XP 2800, should do if you don't plan on overclocking and they're only 8 bucks or so, the Volcano 11 is about 30 bucks. Make sure you get some Artic Silver compound, put it on right, you're back in business
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