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Thread: Water cooling for high-end PC

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    Default Water cooling for high-end PC

    I have recently built a computer, and it running a little too hot for my tastes.

    I currently have the following:

    AMD FX-55 939 pin
    GeForce 6800 Ultra
    480 Watt PSU
    Thermaltake Case Xaser V Wingo
    SB Audigy 2 ZS platinum
    2Gb Memory
    250GB & 80gb HD

    Basically, most of the stuff for the water cooler needs to be outside of the case, since there is more in it than i have listed. I just want teh best...something that for all the components will be less than $500. Thanks in advance...if there is more info needed let me know.

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    Default Re: Water cooling for high-end PC

    Go to and grab the Coolermaster Aquagate for $119.00 which is about $80 less than what you will see on pricegrabber. It works great! I put one in about a month ago and knocked a ton of points off my temps. I run a 3.4 Prescott and it now runs in the high 30's to low 40's depending on the application. That is in silent mode. If I jack up the fan to the highest setting and let it idle for an hour it will come down to the low 30's or high 20's. It is running a little hotter since I added a Koolance VID-NV1-L06 GPU waterblock to my Nvidia 6800GT. I wished I got the waterbloc k for my northbridge too, but I already put an after market NB cooler with a fan on it so I stuck with that. Now if anyone makes waterblocks for RAM chips, let me know.....

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    Default Re: Water cooling for high-end PC

    I wouldn't go with an all-in-one box type kit for a power rig like you have. If you check out my sig you'll see I have a similar setup; different but very high-end components like yours. Take note of the water cooling I have in place as this is the least I would consider. Go with the Rev2 kit if you can find it as the pump is better and has a higher flow rating. Alternatively you can head over to and create your own customized water cooling system that use quality components like the Swiftech kit.
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