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Thread: FX53 + Dual 6800U Water Cooling

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    Default FX53 + Dual 6800U Water Cooling

    Wanted to get everyones opinion and help on building a cooling solution.

    CPU: FX53 not going to be OCed
    GPU: 2 6800 EVGA's (SLI)
    Case: Lian-Li V2000 case (plenty of room)

    I have been looking at Danger Den's products as well as Swifttech's kits, also read allot on this forum about other members rigs and would like to hear from there, especialy our admin as he seems to know whats doing on in the liquid cooling world.

    Funds are not a problem as i want to make a solution that will last a long time.


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    Default Re: FX53 + Dual 6800U Water Cooling

    Either the Swiftech or the Danger Den choice will handle what you're going to be throwing at the water system. While the Swiftech line has standardized kits that will work, the Danger Den solution usually lets you customize a bit more. The main things you'll want are a strong pump, a minimim of 1/2" OD tubing and a reservoir. This will allow the system to have ample liquid to work with (the water will have a chance to cool off a bit before it is recirculated) as well as giving the water enough force to effectively remove heat.

    One note; if you decide to go with Swiftech, you'll need to make sure to order another waterblock for the second video card. I don't believe they have any ready-made kits for dual boards like you're running.

    Good luck - let us know how things turn out!
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    Default Re: FX53 + Dual 6800U Water Cooling

    hey guys just wanted to give you all a update as to what i did to cool this beast of a system.

    Went Allout DangerDen parts:

    AMD FX (TDX Waterblock Copper)
    EVGA 6800Ultras (Maze 4 6800 Series, A8N)
    Chipset (A8N Waterblock)
    Duel Bay Rez
    1/2 OD Whole System
    Black ICE Xtreme3 Radiator with 3 120mm Fans
    DangerDen 12v D4 Pump
    64oz of FluidXP

    And i gotta say its a bit on the loud side but it cools down everything to max of 45C on all parts, with Heavy OCing on CPU

    Any ideas to make it better :P or comments ?

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