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Thread: Cooling advice

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    Question Cooling advice

    Hi! I'm thinking about buying some cooling fans for my cpu and video card. I want to know which is best: water-cooling or air-cooling and which ones.

    I've got 150$ to spend and I would like to hear your advices.

    Here are my CPU and video card :

    AMD Athlon XP 2600+ Thouroughbred (or somethink like that)
    ASUS GeForce Ti4800SE 128MB


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    Default Re: Cooling advice

    Cooling? Use that money to get a new video card. You can get a new Radeon 9800 Pro or a used 6600GT, which isn't too bad. Neither will be held back much by the CPU in most games. Plus, you might still have room for a new heat sink/fan for the CPU anyway.

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    Default Re: Cooling advice

    yea i would go with a 6600gt, that card will last you about 1 or 2 years.
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    Default Re: Cooling advice

    As far as cooling goes, water is always better than air but it comes at a price both in terms of actual cost and also in terms of difficulty to install/set up. Given your $150 price limitation I'd be inclined to go with the other folks and recommend a better video card. You can pick up a quality air cooler for under $50 so it can be had anytime you're in need. A good water cooling rig will likely cost you at least $200 and can go even higher when you start adding in video and/or chipset cooling.

    With regard to your desire for better cooling, has your system been having heat related problems? If so then be a little more specific about this and we can address it. Otherwise use your budgeted money on something that will help out your system.
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