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Thread: Cooling Solutions

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    Default Cooling Solutions

    First off, thanks ahead of time for your replies.

    I have been given a chance to truly benefit the enthusiast community, and I chose to come here to see if anyone could lend a hand. I'm a junior in high school. In my physics 2 class, we were given a science project to research a topic that has never yet been researched. Though we were given this project in a Physics class, the projects could have to do with anything that requires a scientific process. The reason I am here is to ask if anyone could help me determine whether or not it would be possible to create a new coolant solution to use in a PC. I know you are probably saying that it can't be done and that a high schooler could never create a better cooling solution than a corporate lab has not already tried. If you know for a fact that it cannot be done, just simply tell me so. I am still tossing around ideas, so if it does turn out to be impossible don't hesitate to give an idea or two. It would be much appreciated. I would really like to keep my general focus on researching something in computer technology. However, if you do believe that it could be possible to scientifically create something along the lines of computer cooling, keep in mind I am not limited by my resources. My teacher has access to just about every lab or research facility in the area.

    As I said before, any ideas or advice is incredibly helpful.

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    There's no question that it's possible. My dad is a chemist and uses coolants like that all the time. Unfortunately I don't think you'll find a coolant project that isn't already underway. Aside from checking out cooling, you should probably look into technology that creates minimal heat, like a power source, or something that gives off cold energy (cold fusion for example).
    My suggestion, look up some chemicals that transfer energy and see if they're being researched for coolant purposes.
    Also, look up technology that may do something different than create heat.

    Looking up something that hasn't been researched is kind of redundant though isn't it? If there's no research on it, how are you supposed to find out if it exists? I'll tell you what, the biotechnology field is far from researched. Other than that, I can't really help you since your guidelines are to research something that doesn't exist yet, which is what college p.H.D grad students do.

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