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Thread: Are these temperatures OK?

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    i have a question... ive got a server here running AMD MP 2400's and the processor temp's are way high i think even though there suppose to be tolerate up intill the 90's c.
    my temps are: Idle processor 1 59c, processor 2 62c... at full load the temps are both about 68c ... i just put in new heatsinks, and artic silver 5 thermal past but still no change in temps... i cant really afford liquid cooling now, and i just ordered some copper shims to help conductivity, and i really really wanna oc this thing again... i did it last winter... we got our windows replaced in the middle of it so my pc was like 30c. oced to mp 2800's it pwned... so ne suggestions?
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    You mention the new heatsinks but you don't say what kind of airflow you have moving through the case. Remember that good cooling starts with good airflow; especially when you're using an air-cooled solution.

    Air should be brought in from the lower/front portion of the case and exhausted from the upper/rear area of the case. Additional fans can help when mounted on the side at about the level of the CPU of video baord and can also be beneficial when mounted on the top of the case forward of the power supply. In these instances, the side fan should be an intake and the top should be set as an exhaust. Keep the airflow about the same between intake and exhaust so that you establish a distinct airflow pattern through the case. This allows heat's natural ability to rise to aid in cooling. Also make sure to keep cable clutter to a minimum.

    By following these simple steps, you can have a decent foundation to build your other cooling components around. After all, the world's best air cooler won't do a thing for you if it has only hot air to work with.
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    i have the 120mm in the front intaking air. 80 mm in side intaking air. 2 80mm back exhaust, and 1 80mm fan top as exhaust, not counting the dual psu fans
    AMD MP 2400's 266fsb
    4 hdds. raid0 80 gig, 1x 120 gig, 1x 160 gig = 440gigs
    nvidia 5700q 256ram
    1.5 gig pc3200 ram(only running at 2400, got good price)
    ultra 400watt psu
    4x dvd burner
    52x cd burner
    16x dvd rom
    4x 80mm 1x 120mm fans
    lotsa goodness

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